Happy 2016!

The very best wishes from all of us at White Russian to all of you! May your year be filled with awesone shows, records and memories. We hope ours will!

2015 turned out to be a great year. We took it off slow with an awesome showcase during the annual Eurosonic/Noorderslag festival. Junkyard Safari, Colors Dead Bleed, Note to Amy and Call It Off came out to play awesome sets (check the video playlist below for some live footage of all bands!). There was dancing, singing along, bands become friends or revisiting friendships, familiar faces, new faces and a lot of happy thoughts. We are throwing another showcase (party if you please) in 2016, and hope it will be just as awesome! (Check here for more info!)

The first release in 2015 was the “Lovers & Liars” album by Call It Off. A combination of their two awesome EP’s “Lovers” and “Liars”, put together, with some new tracks and remastered for your listening pleasure. It gave the band a whole bunch of awesome reviews, a new video for the brand new track “Forward Or Crazy” and an awesome show on the Groezrock festival.
The album is still available in our store on both CD and LP (limited edition translucent blue).

A week later we released the EP “Fortunate Souls | Wretched World” by the dutch hardcore band Run Like Hell. Their second EP, and the first one for us (although the credits for the physical release go to the always-awesome Smithsfoodgroup DIY).
The beautiful artwork for the EP was designed by Morning Again singer Kevin Ray Beyers, and contains guest vocals from Niels (Cornered) and WD (Manu Armata). It’s a truely awesome EP for fans of good honest 90’s hardcore with a message. If you’re don’t have the CD in your collection yet, it’s still up for sale in our store!

March creeped upon us soon, and was one of the busiest months. We had been planning it for a while, but at the end of the month it was finally there; our very own anniversary party, at Dynamo Eindhoven. We managed to get most of our bands at the festival, spreading them out over two stages. It was amazingly cool to see all bands hanging out together in the merch area, checking eachothers merch, talking to eachother, having drinks and laughing. Just the way we envisioned a family party should be. It really showed that we’re doing the right thing and that all bands are a great fit. An impression of the day was made by Bright Day Media, and can be viewed below.

We didn’t only party in March, we also released three amazing records.
The debut album of the Dutch band Dead Giveaway, featuring (ex) members of Of No Avail, Antillectual and Laternpoll turned some heads (and still is!). Fans of Bob Mould, Foo Fighters, Samiam or Face to Face should check out the record, that we only released on vinyl. (In a great fluorescent cover with an awesome lyricbook! – we have a few left, get them here!)

Another release that month – not the first for the band, but the first with us – was “Love Will Find You” by German band The Tourist. A 12″ that will takes chaos and melodies hand in hand and combines emo, indie and hardcore into one awesome thing! If you’re open to new things and want to discover a great band that is not recognized the way it should be, pick up the album!

A third record that came out in March – during our White Russian Fest – was the first full length of the hardcore band Screw Houston. (Yes, they ditched half their name).
After some EP’s and a great 7″ they figured the time was there to record and release a full length. Simply self-titled, the record has guest vocals from Kris Deweerdt (The Setup) and further explores their trademark melodic heavy hardcore with rock’n’roll twist. Released in a limited run on white vinyl (want one? have a look here!)

While catching our breath again in April, and planning for the summer, we managed to release two more gems before the holidays; The Deceits / I Saw Daylight split 7″. Released on two different colors, both bands contributed 2 tracks to each side and it really shows why they might be two of the bands (German) melodic hardcore bands out there. We have a few copies left of both colors, but don’t wait too long if you’d like to get one (or both).

The other May release is that of the Italian band Edward In Venice. When we first heard their album Howler, we fell in love with it right away. A hardworking band that was just about to head to Japan for a tour, that we saw play Groezrock, asking if we want to co-release Howler with some of the finest other independent labels out there. We did not have to think twice. Skatepunk as it should be sounding. If you’re having doubts; you’ll be the judge!

Another highlight of the year was having our showcase (second year in a row) at the ever awesome Jera On Air festival. Alongside bands as Defeater, Millencolin, Lagwagon, A Day To Remember and many more, we were given the stage to show the world three of our greatest bands. Hesperian, Dead Giveaway and Smash The Statues all played fantastic sets, and showed the audience that good music doesn’t necesarilly come from other countries far away.

After the summer we felt that we should keep everyones summer vibes up for a while, so we released Call It Off’s brand new single “Anesthesia“. If we need to tell you more about that, you’ve been living under a rock, or are not a big fan. It got the band some great shows, airplay at local radio, and some live sets at 3FM Radio. We are convinced we’ll be hearing alot more from them this year.

About to close the year, we released a digital version -and debut- of the album “Wørds“, by the Belgian hardcore band Sundays. (The 10″ is still up for pre-order and will ship any moment now!).
The band shared stages with some of the finest bands in the genre (Bane, Trial) and showed in seven tracks why they can easily compete with bands as Modern Life Is War, Verse or Touche Amore.

Around the same time we released an insanely crazy record from a super fine Swedish bunch of guys; The Kendolls.
Autonomania” was released on CD and limited edition colored vinyl (there’s no identical one, all 500 copies are different!) and the band played sets all over Europe, including an amazing one during Dutch festival “Zwarte Cross” and as a support for John Coffey. Both items are still in stock, and if you like dirty rock’n’roll with a hardcore vibe that you can dance to, check out the CD or LP in our store!