Dead Giveaway – Album of the moment


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Our album of the moment is “We Come In Pieces” by Dutch punkrock band “Dead Giveaway“.
To celebrate you can buy this record for a limited time only for 10 euros in our webstore!

Released on March 19th 2015, the record is not that old, but proved to be -what we feel- an instant classic. With it’s bright fluorescent green cover, the extensive booklet with lyrics to the straight forward, catchy, melodic punk rock with a grungy edge, firmly rooted in the 1990’s; this is a debut record to be proud of. Reviews were raving and whoever has seen the band live knows they know how to rock (which is not suprising if you take into account the bandmembers have or had experience in bands as Antillectual, Laternpoll, Close Second and Of No Avail).
This is a record that should be present in the collection of every punkrock/alternative rock fan.

Singer/Guitarist Tom of Smash The Statues explains why he thinks you should own this piece of art.

“Dead Giveaway. My neighbour’s got big testicles ’cause I play this record every day. Every day. Well, almost every day. I have known most of the Dead Giveaway boys for years, so I might not be the most objetive person to say something about them, but We Come In Pieces is by far one of the best Dutch punkrock records of the last 10 years. The mixture between Face To Facesque melodic punkrock and Foo Fighteresque rockanthems and the AC/DC riff at the beginning of the song Collateral seriously kicks ass. Their first album is probably my most played album of 2015. I’m really, really looking forward to their next efforts!”


Tom Nieuwenhuis – Singer/Guitarist Smash The Statues

If you have any doubts, check it yourself!