Screw Houston – Album of the moment


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Our album of the moment is the self titled full length from March 2015, released by Screw Houston. To celebrate this – it’s available at our webstore for only 10 euros now!
The album contains 10 tracks that can be classified as melodic yet heavy hardcore songs with a rock ’n roll twist, including guest vocals from “The Setup” singer Kris.

Former releases were done under the name Screw Houston, Start Screaming!, a name a bit lofty, and a bit long. People started using abbreviation SHSS right away, as well as more simplified versions of the name. So with this new record comes a new and shorter name: Screw Houston. A courageous decision, accompanied by an album that’s the hardcore equivalent of that.

We asekd Matthias, singer for Meet The Storm why he likes this album so much.
His lovely words are here.


It’s a while back that I first encountered Screw Houston. They where called “Screw Houston, Start Screaming” back then. I remember it very well cause i thought it was one of the best band names I’ve ever came across. I still think that.

Besides that name, their live show and music also stuck with me. To me a band that is hard to define, means that they are doing something their own. Needless to say i was hooked from that point on.

Harsch, melodic, angry, filthy, hopefull, deperate – all this and more can be heard on their latest record. Everything is put together in a great balance. Without any effort you’re taken from one to another, like on “Hate/Love” or “Wait upon death”.
Throw in some great hooks like on the opener “Forbidden love”, add a killer artwork and you’ve got a record that should appeal to all lovers of a “Hard” music genre.
This is one of those little gems our small Dutch underground scene spits out sometimes.


Matthias – Singer Meet The Storm

If you have any doubts, check it yourself!