12 Step Program: Charades

The 12 Step Program – we asked all our bands to give us 12 songs that influence them, inspire them or that they just really love – and if possible give us a little story to go with it.
This week it’s time to check upon Charades‘ influences. A fairly new band who released their debut EP “Grey Pillar Sky” this year, and have been playing their asses off. Their blend of alternative grungy indiesongs have been turning heads all over, so we’re looking forward to have them on our Eurosonic showcase in January. But what inspired them to write those songs? Check the story below, and check out the Spotify playlist at the bottom or here.
We got asked to pick 12 songs that inspired us as a person, musician or as band. So we dug deep and came up with this epic list. Maybe not every song is what you might expect of us. If you want to listen to Brand New, Deftones, Basement or Biffy Clyro, please do so! But this list, is something special… Something special for YOU (buf ofcourse we had to include Brand New)!

01. Beetles – Warpaint
Please, let Gerben explain: “Teresa Wayman is one of my favourite guitar players. The way she approaches sound, composition and technique is something I’m really into. Her style is something you mind find back in the way I approach songwriting and sound. Next to that, isn’t Jenny Lee Lindberg the coolest bass player in the world?”

02. Rituals – Pill Friends
Pill Friends is one of the first bands that really got Gerben into emo-revival. From there we went on listening to Foxing, Old Gray, Tigers Jaw etc. Gerben remembers he was following some cute girl on Tumblr and she posted something on Pill Friends. That’s what got Gerben into the band, great story right?

03. She – Wolf Alice
Wolf Alice… This is a very cool, and relatively young, rockband! There first record is quite something special. It reminds us of a “shoegazey” Pixies, but 20 years later. Niiice!

04. Wind Up Space – John Frusciante
John Frusciante, wasn’t he that guitar player from the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Yes, he was… But his solo career might be even more interesting. Sometimes completely drugged out, sometimes sober, he wrote a bunch of amazing songs. His work might have influenced Gerben as a songwriter the most. He used to (and still does) play a lot of Frusciantes work and it inspired him to write his own music. Gerben recommends to listen to the records “Curtains” and “For ten days”.

05. Dramamime – Modest Mouse
Modest Mouse is raw. The lyrics written by Isaac contain a lot of irony and humor. Nevertheless, the meaning is quite real most of the time, which can make the songs a little dark. Take the time to get to know Modest Mouse and chances are you won’t forget about them easily.

06. You Won’t Know – Brand New
This list wouldn’t exist without Brand New… It’s the main influence of Charades with it’s dynamic songwriting and wide variety of sounds. It seems like Brand New re-invents themselves with every record, which is quite special! Their latest record “Science Fiction” is again a piece of art. Still, “The Devil and God are raging inside me” remains the greatest album of all time. That’s why we chose the song “You Won’t Know”. Listen to the dynamic guitars and Jesse’s amazing vocals… Truly amazing!

07. Red Cow – MeWithoutYou
This band already has some history. They have been around for quite some time and released some amazing records. Frank discovered them from an Audiotree session and was immediately blown away by their music. The deep lyrics written by Aaron make the music more then great songs, there is a true meaning to the music written by MewithoutYou. Make sure to check out that session on Audiotree!!

08. The Funeral – Band of Horses
One of Frank’s favourite bands, but surprisingly Rick’s pick (no pun intended)! The roomy drums, great guitar sounds and unique vocals are the main ingredients for a great song. Get your mood hat on…

09. Jet – Citizen
Frank explains: “I’m really into a lot of bands from the record label Run for Cover Records, but never really got Citizen. ‘Figure you out’ is a great song from their first record, but the only thing that really got me was the bass sound. After I discovered the song ‘Sleep’ from the same record things started going for me. Then, in 2017, they released a new record and man..! I can’t get enough from them! Matt has some great vocals, but also the watery guitar sounds are so inspiring.”

10. Lowest Form – Trade Wind
Trade Wind is a “supergroup” formed by Jesse from Stick to your Guns and Tom from Stray from the Path. But this is not a hardcore group, these are some dreamy rock songs of which you simply can’t get enough. Nice side-note, our label friends in Screw Houston got to open one night for Trade Wind.

11. Bored to Death – Blink-182
Blink, of course! The band that got so many people into punk-rock. Why not one of the older songs? Rick thinks that with the addition of Matt Skiba the band grew up a little. “The songs are more controlled and refined”, he says. Punk-rock classic!

12. 3’s and 7’s – Queens of the Stone Age
Let’s get dirty for this last one shall we? Pump up that gritty bass sound, add some f*cked up rhythmic work, take some of the greatest musicians in the world and there you have it! Amazing stuff from this legendary band. Troy van Leeuwen and Josh Homme might be the best guitar playing team this world has ever seen