12 Step Program: I Against I

The 12 Step Program – we asked all our bands to give us 12 songs that influence them, inspire them or that they just really love – and if possible give us a little story to go with it.
This week it’s time to check upon I Against I‘s playlist.

I against I got famous by being the first European act to sign to Epitaph, and released two classics on that label. Recently they reunited after 10 years, with a new album on its way. A brand new song “Walk Away” can be heard on our label sampler that we put out last October.

Check out the 12 songs that influenced this great band. A Spotify playlist can be found at the bottom, or by clicking here!

01. Bad Religion – Billy
Few bands have left their mark on us the way Bad Religion did. We could have picked any song from the holy trinity of Suffer, No Control and Against The Grain. This one, Billy (from No Control) has it all: the melody, the oohs and aahs, and great lyrics. Our new record, (scheduled for release in 2018) has quite some BR-influenced tunes on it.

02. Descendents – When I get old
This band needs no introduction of course. Another huge influence on our sound, and we’re very lucky to have worked with Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton (the drummer and guitar player) on our first record Headcleaner. We’d record with Bill during the daytime, and at night, while we were trying to sleep, Stephen was mixing the songs we had recorded that day. Great memories.

03. ALL – Original Me
You can’t mention the Descendents without mentioning their other band, ALL. Original Me is one of ALL’s trademark heart-on-your-sleeve songs. We can never get enough of this.  We toured with ALL once, and it was a treat to see them kill it night after night.

04. Sense Field – Leia
Every band has their pile of go-to records when on the road. One we have listened to endlessly is ‘Building’ by Sense Field. Jon Bunch had the voice of an angel.

05. Social Distortion – Dear Lover
One of the things we have aspired to as a band, is making a record that has it’s own distinct atmosphere. Rather than just a collection of songs, we would like a record to be We haven’t quite mastered that yet.  One band that did do this, is Social Distortion on ‘White light, white heat, white trash’. From the first notes on, you’re in another world. And you stay there until the last song’s over and you’re wondering what the hell just happened. Those first notes are ‘Dear lover.’

06. Steve Earle – Hardcore Troubadour
This is Steve Earl in his heyday. We always crank this song on our way to shows.

07. Joyce Manor – This song is a mess but so am I
One of the more recent tracks on this playlist. Joyce Manor have perfected the art of stripping away all the unnecessary, and just sticking to a tune. And boy, do they know how to write a good tune. Case in point: This song is a mess but so am I.

08. Tusky – You will not regret this
People always mention the John Coffey-connection when talking about Tusky. Fair enough, but as far as we’re concerned, they should also name drop guitar player Sjors: the golden boy from our neck of the woods. This band smokes!

09. Oasis – Some might say
When we started I Against I we were on a strict punk diet. We simply did not listen to anything else. Bands like Oasis therefore weren’t our cup of tea. Thank god we got our heads out of our asses over time. Oasis has attitude and great songs in spades.

10. Zeke – Twisted
A lot of people are surprised we’re into Zeke. But what’s not to like about this band? We’re very happy we’ll get to play with them at Pitfest 2018. And hopefully they’ll play this gem from their album ‘Kicked In The Teeth’.

11. March – Stand in line
WRR has a lot of great bands on their roster, that’s one of the reasons we really wanted to team up with them. A fine example of this is March. We had the pleasure of playing with these girls and guys this year, and they rocked the house.

12. Ruth Ruth – Julia.
Another example of a band from the nineties that re-emerged this year. Not too many people know about this band, which is a shame. Their EP ‘The Little Death’ is easily one of the best guitar driven records from the mid-nineties, in our humble opinion anyway. But don’t take our word for it, Listen to ‘Julia’ and judge for yourself.