12 Step Program: Shoplifters

The 12 Step Program – we asked all our bands to give us 12 songs that influence them, inspire them or that they just really love – and if possible give us a little story to go with it.
This week it’s time to check upon Shoplifters’ playlist.

You might have heard of Shoplifters because they just released an insanely good 7″ – called Forgiver – with four tracks that sound like the best work of Dag Nasty and Husker Du combined. Or maybe because they’ve been releasing videos for every track throughout the las few weeks?
Anyway; these dudes from Serbia know how to rock – and they sure as hell know how to make a great playlist! Check it out here, or at the bottom of this post – and have a nice read a bout this great playlist!


01 – Husker Du – The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
Husker Du is one of more obvious influences heard in our music.We covered this song occasionally, it grabbed us with it’s simple structure, great drumming and a powerful chorus.

02 – Beatles – Paperback Writer
Every band is in some way influenced by their sonic innovations or stellar songwriting skills.
We picked this one for its upbeat tempo similar to some of our songs.

03 – Pixies – Nimrod’s Son
In their early period Pixies were more raw and rough around the edges.
This song is a perfect example of that.

04 – Wipers – No Fair
We covered this one on our rehearsals but never played it live, maybe we will one day when we get it right!
Greg Sage could really work out a great hook along with his unmistakable guitar tone.

05 – The Replacements – Alex Chilton
One of their coolest song and it was on our setlist for a while.

06 – Simon And Garfunkel – We Got A Groovy Thing Going
Shoplifters covered this tune on the second album ‘A fresh Start’ and it is the only cover we released to date. Although lyrically this song is a downer, it sounds cheerful and fun.

07 – Descendents – Bikeage
Great bass line, catchy as fuck, perfect mix of pop and punk.

08 – Farside – Too Much Too Late
We played this one a few years ago at our shows. A very fun song to play, full of interesting parts and breaks.

09 – Ramones – Commando
It’s not a great list without the Ramones!

10 –Snuff – Another Girl
Our love for Snuff has not faded a bit after all this years.
If we must choose one song, let it be a track from their killer debut ‘Snuffsaid’.

11 – Buzzcocks – Promises
A great collaboration between Steve Diggle and Pete Shelley, maybe the best songwriting duo in punk rock.

12 – David Bowie – Suffragette City
Just recently we recorded this song in a studio for a upcoming compilation in the UK.
Anthemic, ballsy track with great fuzzed out guitar sound, it was punk before punk.
Wham Bam Thank You Ma’m!