12 Step Program; Dead Giveaway

The 12 Step Program – we asked all our bands to give us 12 songs that influence them, inspire them or that they just really love – and if possible give us a little story to go with it.
This week it’s time to check upon Dead Giveaway‘s playlist.

Dead Giveway just announced their brand new full length which is coming March 23rd. We heard it already and goddamn, it rocks!
We asked them about their influences and inspirations and they told us the following:

These songs/bands are and were all big sources of inspiration for our songs,  mostly on our upcoming record “Safety Off”. What they have in common for us is that they all have very strong song structures and melodies, with a liberating but also a bit of a dark vibe.

Bands like Static Radio, The Milwaukees and Banquets we got the know personally and are to us highly underrated, timeless heroes.

The other tracks are just as good and timeless, but fortunately a bit more widely appreciated enjoy!

Check out their playlist here: