12 Step Program – Note to Amy

The 12 Step Program – we asked all our bands to give us 12 songs that influence them, inspire them or that they just really love – and if possible give us a little story to go with it.
This week it’s time to check upon Note to Amy‘s playlist.

Note to Amy is about to release a brand new 7″ single, called “Loved Ones”. Out on March 16th, so this list might tell us a bit about how it will sound!

Check out the playlist the made here – or at the bottom and read about how and what below!

01 – Bad Religion – Generator
This is quite obvious isn’t it? We love Bad Religion. Adore them. They’re a huge influence on our sound and songwriting – and opening up for them in the Melkweg, Amsterdam two years ago was an absolute highlight. Especially for Eelco who got called on stage to perform the song ‘Suffer’ with them! We’ve been known to throw in the occasional Bad Religion cover at our live shows, and this one comes by quite often.

02 – Senses Fail – Still Searching
When Wouter and Eelco were looking for new bandmembers to start NtA they put up ads listing Senses Fail as one of the influences. Emo was big and this album was a big influence on our sound which you can clearly hear on our first EP “The Lady’s First Song”. We all fell in love with this album and the production, and it’s been a blueprint for our early work.

03 – Life Of Agony – River Runs Red
It’s not a surprise that we are into metal. Life Of Agony might not be the full-on blastbeat deathgrind that some of us listen to daily, but fuck, it’s good. This is the stuff we grew up with. It grooves like crazy, the drummer is one of Wouter’s favorite drummers and this song is insane.
We used to cover this in our early days, and there’s a few live versions of it (we played it way to fast tho!) on YouTube if you look for it!

04 – No Use For A Name – Feeding The Fire
We have a mutual love for punkrock – and all played those 90’s classics endlessly back in the days (and quite honestly; we still do). No Use For A Name has been a favorite of everyone in our band. We were all devastated when we found out Tony Sly passed away (Remco honours him in our song “Nightwalkers & Daydreamers”) as the man was a massive talent. His guitar melodies are pure gold – and something we use in a ton of our songs. Massive influence on us, maybe not directly audible, but definitely there.

05 – Black Sabbath – Children Of The Grave
Black Sabbath. The founding fathers of heavy music. Every good riff ever probably originates from Tony Iommi. We’ve jammed to this song many times, and Sabbath songs always come by in the van, putting in instant smile on everyones face and making us nod our heads.
One of the absolute best songs. And bands.

06 – Ignite – Veteran
Ignite is another band we all love. A Placed Called Home was out when we just started and we’ve played it tons of times. We shared the stage with them last year in Rotterdam which was awesome. Nice guys. It’s always great when a band whose work you admire turn out to be really nice dudes and are cool enough to let you support them. When we released our first full length, Ignite’s bandname popped up in some reviews.

07 – Human Alert – Kerk & Staat
This is a song that we love to blast on the stereo in the van with all the windows opened. Great to sing along to (KUT!). We’re not really fans of Jesus either, so it feels natural to sing along to it as well. Great Dutch band.

08 – Lagwagon – Alien8
We mentioned Bad Religion and No Use For A Name already, so this shouldn’t be a surprise. Another one of the greatest punkrock bands out there. Alien8 is a song Remco & Eelco have performed quite a few times while doing acoustic sets. If you never seen it, catch one (or call us and hook us up with an acoustic session!). It’s fun and beautiful. People have cried. Trve story.

09 – Undeclinable – 7 Years
Awesome band. Wouter and Eelco hail from Den Bosch, where UA is also from, so they grew up with it and must’ve seen them a million times. We all were quite pleased that they reunited last year so we got to see them again and sing along. This song is great, especially when you’re in the back of the van cause you can drum along and really smack your legs hard during the tom-parts.

10 – Berri Txarrak – Oreka
Our Basque friends! We did a run of shows in Spain with them and later another one through Germany and The Netherlands. They were so kind to us and turned out to be extremely nice guys. Very grateful we got to open for them. First show we did with ‘m was at Sala Apollo in Barcelona. Massive. We didn’t really know the band so had no idea what to expect. The place was packed (1500 people) and we were in awe standing at our merch table, watching the entire audience sing along literally every word. For over two hours. Impressive musicians, impressive band. The nicest guys.

11 – Good Riddance – Heresy, Hypocrisy & Revenge – Good Riddance
Another obvious choice; one of the greatest bands in the genre. This song has it all.
Wouter is a big fan of drummer Sean Sellers (you all should be) and this really is a song that we all love blasting on trips.

12 – Iron Maiden – Aces High
We fucking love Iron Maiden. We’ve watched Flight666 many times during the recordings of Midnight Arsons and it’s a band we’ve all been singing along to live for many years.
We’ve put this song on the last place in our playlist, just like we do in real life. After every show we have some beers, pack up our stuff and jump back in the van. The soundtrack for every ride after a show is Iron Maiden’s “Live After Death” album. It opens with Aces High which is perfect if there’s five guys who love drumming on their knees and playing air guitar. After a good tour our upper legs are black and blue from all the van-drumming. But boy, we have fun.