12 Step Program: Holly Would Surrender

The 12 Step Program – we asked all our bands to give us 12 songs that influence them, inspire them or that they just really love – and if possible give us a little story to go with it.
This week it’s time to check upon Holly Would Surrender‘s playlist.

We checked with singer Ole about his twelve favorites, and he compiled an awesome playlist. You can check it at the bottom of this email, or simply by clicking here!


01. Basket Case – Green Day
This song was the song that brought me into Punk music or later Pop Punk. I was 13 when dookie was released and became my favorite album beside Offsprings Smash
02. Millencolin – Mr. Clean
1994 was a big year for me and my path of music. This song changed everything. My brother bought the Album „Tiny Tunes“ after he read a review in a skateboard magazine.
Since then it was spinning in my Walkman for the next years. Yep.. years!
03. Satanic Surfers – Don’t Skate On My Ramp
While every kid was skateboarding back then, you probably needed a hymn. I was a big fan of the Cheap Shots compilations back then. Sooo many good bands for a bunch of Deutschmark.
04. NOFX – Linoleium
How can this song not be on our list?
Thanks to my neighbor Norman, who is 3 years older than me and always brought some new music home to us.
05. Blink 182 – Dumpweed
Probably the best opener for an album. The intro is so 100% perfect. And is the opener to the best Pop Punk Album ever!!!
06. Sum 41 – Fat Lip
What is this? Was my first thought.. after I saw their Video on MTV I needed this single and all of their music immediately. I had the pleasure to see them later on their All Killer, No Filler Tour in Hamburg.
07. No Fun At All – Master Celebrator
One more from the Swedish label Burning Heart. Beside Millencolin and Satanic Surfers NFAA brought me through my youth and is the first Band I saw live in Hamburg 1998 I guess on the sued-o-palooza Tour beside the Hives, Refused and Liberator.
08. Mest – What’s the dillio
When we had a better internet connection at home in the beginning of 2000, I started to work through it to find more music in the style of blink…
When I heard this song for the first time, I was listening to it for the rest of the weekend and used Napster 🤔 to get more of this great band.
In 2012 we had the opportunity to play a show with them in Hamburg. This was like a dream coming true.
09. Zebrahead – Call your Friends
Well, this is a special one. Zebrahead was the first band who took us on tour. While we supported them for the first time in 2012, we were invited to come back on tour with them in 2013 on some shows on their call your friends tour. When the Album dropped it was spinning in our rehearsing room and tour bus while we were opening up for them.
10. City Lights – Just in Case
I could probably pick every song from this band.
Their debut album „in it to win it“ is one of our band favorites and spinning in our bus every time we are on the road. Never heard of them? Go and check them out.
11. Storyteller – Dirty Sheets
Probable the best pop punk band in Germany right now. We love these guys so much and are always so excited, when we get to play some shows with theses lovely boys from Dessau
12. The Bottom Line – I Still Hate You
Nope not really. This band is killing it. This was love at first sight.. these guys have so much potential and I wish them to get there, where they want to be with their music.
Pop Punks not dead
I could probably write more songs down. There are so many good bands like broadway calls, the swellers, patent pending, real friends, and all the UK bands that are around right now. But you wanted us to chose only 12. that was a really hard but fun one.