12 Step Program: Bright Lights

The 12 Step Program – we asked all our bands to give us 12 songs that influence them, inspire them or that they just really love – and if possible give us a little story to go with it.
This week it’s time to check upon Bright Lights‘ playlist.

Their album “When Stories Become Places” turned two this week, so a good reason to ask them about their favorites! Check it out below or simply by clicking here!

01 – Good Luck Varsity – Curtains
Silvio: I was listening to this band a lot during our writing process. The variety of softer and more heavier songs, is the perfect mix for my personal taste. In the song «Curtains» they use an amazing mix of distortion and the sweet reverb sounds.
Also the use of melodies, gang vocals and rythm is just perfect.

02 – The Wonder Years – Came Out Swinging
Silvio: Well, what can I say. Dan Campbell writes great lyrics, which I can relate to in my personal way. His voice gives me goosebumps all the time. I could probably list more of Wonder Years songs but I just go with this one as this was the first one I heard.

03 – The Offspring – The kids aren’t alright
Ralph: Struck a nerve with this song & great video clip. Simple and straight forward!

04 – Pennywise – Bro Hymn
Ralph: Song about what’s important, grounds yourself. Great tune to sing along & great memories to it. A classic.

05 – Bloodhound gang – The bad touch
Ralph: Absolutely amazing song, compelling lyrics and some fresh air in the 90ties. Eternal classic

06 – Bad Religion – Generator
Ralph: Smart lyrics, great topic, screaming guitars. 3 minutes of pure energy & great live versions

07 – Foo Fighters – The Pretender
Chrischi: Simply one oft he most powerful songs ever written.

08 – Blink 182 – Wishing Well
Luca: We can’t miss on a Blink 182 song. I guess in our generation/scene, almost everybody grew up with Blink 182. Fun Songs with sometimes more, sometimes less great messages.

09 – Bring Me The Horizon – Shadow Moses
Luca: The pain in his voice, the brutal breakdowns and the sweet melodies just make this song perfect.

10 – Daylight – Now or Never
Ricardo: We all love this song, we used to cover it in our earlier days. The guys from Daylight always supported us and they are a big part of who we are.

11 – Yellowcard – Awakening
Ricardo: For some of us, Yellowcard wears the same label as Blink. We grew up with them, the records are always very well produced and the songwriting is unbelievably great.

12 – Sudden Suspension – Inconsistent
Silvio: Great song. Extremly cool how he use his clean and rough voice in this song. The end of the song is very unexpected. But after your first round you just wanna turn up the speakers. I love it.