Harsh Realms

Maarten – Bass/Vocals
Hans – Guitar
Coen – Guitar
Wouter – Drums

2012. In the year of the Apocalypse, a few guys from Roosendaal (Holland) found it necessary to start a band.A punk rock band that is.

Involving three front men of OVERGROWN† and one front man of Dowzer. It’s a front men’s band actually. So What do you do when you’re in a band with such physically, musically and financially blessed members?

That’s right….

You hire folks to write your bio and stuff. You order people like me who do anything for a quick buck to drop a few lines. I myself have been in various punk rock bands for a few decades now. Hell yes I’ve seen the bottom. I toured with my bands throughout the world in a van without tires. And still slept like a rose! We wrote songs about politics and religion and jealous bands! And then when you get home from touring, there’s no wife, no dog, no food, just printers and microwaves that have to be sold soon. That’s what being in a band is all about for me. And I think my 25 ex-band members would agree with me (if they weren’t dead) if I say that spoiled little MTV actors and pretenders such as Harsh fucking Realms, or whatever they’re called,should understand the true meaning of being in a band.
They should listen to Hot Water Music, Red City Radio, The Riot Before, The Bronx, The Menzingers,Alkaline Trio, Against Me!, The Gaslight Anthem,Bouncing Souls…..

Not that it makes any difference of what I’m saying. They probably won’t ever read this thing.You know what? Fuck it! Book these guys a show, listen to their music and buy their stuff. It’s the end of times anyway!

See you in the afterlife

Stu Larrymore

(The Squirrels †, Crimson Black †, Robin and the Hoods †, Whatever? †, TenBucksStillIsn’tTwentyBucks †, Cosby Sticks Slash & Dong †)

White Russian Releases:
2013 – Sink In Time/Chemistry – Album page – Buy 7″

Other Releases:
2014 – PØLP (Shield Records)

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