Walker Diver ‎– For The Better Part Of Eternity – 7″


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After leaving indie rock band Mitch (1998-2002), Dutch singer-songwriter Stefan ‘t Hooftembarked on a solo adventure under the moniker of Walker Diver.

This is his first effort (a 3 song vinyl E.P.). Released in 2002 by Black Death. The influence of American roots music, which was already present in some of the Mitch material, now became a prominent part of his songs.


  1. Side A
    1. Better Than A Poke In The Eye
  2. Side B
    1. My Heart Is A Haunted House ↑ 
    2. Instruction Manual

Recorded on 4-track in Utrecht NL by Stefan ‘t Hooft and mixed at Studio 195 Wernhout NL by Patrick Delabie in May 2002.
Released on 7″ vinyl in September 2002.

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