WRR014 – Meet The Storm – to what end…


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Cat Nr: WRR014
Artist: Meet The Storm
Title: to what end…
Release: May 25th 2013
Format: CD / Digital

Produced and mastered by John Mitchell (Architects, Your Demise & The Blackout) at Outhouse Studios, the band’s Punk roots as well as their Hardcore ethic and Southern Rock influences shine through on this record.

Long-time friend and Cancer Bats vocalist Liam Cormier said the following: “Rotterdam is the last place you’d think to look for a band with some true “southern swagger” but Meet The Storm do just that with their debut album. With tons of balls and loads of groove, these lads show that the years of kicking ass and taking names has only fueled the sexual beast we all lovingly call “rock and roll”. Check out my personal favourite ‘Saviours’ and hopefully I myself and anyone with ears, will get to catch these boys riffing their dicks off next time we’re in their neck of the woods.”

1. Saviours – 2:55
2. Lesson ’39 – 4:01
3. AA Pre-School – 3:48
4. Take Back The Poison – 4:18
5. Speaking In Forked Tongues – 3:48
6. Dead Eyes Don’t Speak – 3:58
7. Yosemite Sam’s Curse – 3:22
8. Raymond K. Hessel – 4:50
9. Atlantis Conspiracy – 2:49
10. Raindog Blues – 5:04