WRR026 – Junkyard Safari – Zoologica


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Cat Nr: WRR026
Artist: Junkyard Safari
Title: Zoologica
Release: May 15 2014
Format: Digital / CD

Fast paced 90’s punkrock is the rocking foundation upon which Junkyard Safari builds its songs, peppered with anger, melody, rawness and even some sweetness.

Zoologica is a pleasant reminder to anyone who’s ever found themselves in XL shirts, baggy pants and backwards cap at a Lagwagon, Bad Religion, NOFX or Good Riddance concert.
The ten songs that make up Zoologica were recorded between August 2013 and February 2014, and were mixed and mastered by Nico van Montfort at XPZ Sound (Antillectual, Smash The Statues, Harsh Realms).

Not necessarily looking for messages to share or an urge to shine a new light on the genre, Junkyard Safari is just doing that what it loves, and brings us a well known 90’s punkrock with a good vibe.



01 – Intro
02 – The Masses
03 – You’re The Ten
04 – All Heroes
05 – Clive
06 – Bombs
07 – Monkey
08 – Marry Me
09 – Decisions Of Yesterday
10 – Tried To Help You