WRR028 – Note to Amy – Going Down

Cover - SmallCat Nr: WRR028
Artist: Note to Amy
Title: Going Down
Release: May 29 2014
Format: Digital

Dutch (punk)rock band Note to Amy just released a digital single for the brand new track ‘Going Down’, as well as a lyric video. The song is taken from the upcoming second album which is set to be released in the Fall of 2014 by White Russian Records. ‘Going Down’ is an up-tempo, straight forward rocker with a catchy, soaring chorus that gets stuck in your head for days. The song is about inner demons and playing punk rock shows. !
The lyric video that comes with the single shows the five guys, surrounded by members of All For Nothing, Antillectual, Apehanger, Berri Txarrak, John Coffey, Sidewalk, Speakerpunch, The Charm The Fury, The Death Traps,Tim Vantol, as well as new label mates Call It Off, Harsh Realms, Long Way Down, March, Screw Houston, Start Screaming!, Smash The Statues, The 101’s and The Lowest Standard.
Note to Amy on the theme of the lyric video: “We decided to make this a team effort, a scene effort even. So we asked a bunch of people to participate in this video; bands we toured or shared stages with, musicians we admire, close friends, our girls, our rehearsal place roomies as well as the gifted guys of Split Second Sound that recorded, mixed and mastered both our first and upcoming album. It was quite a challenge to collect all the input in time and to combine the stuff of our buddies with our footage. The outcome to us is
much more than just another lyric video. Not only does it give the world a sneak peak of what our second record will sound like, it also shows how awesome the scene is that Note to Amy is part of.”


1. Going Down