WRR029 – The Morning Hour – A Stitch In Time

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Cat Nr: WRR029
Artist: The Morning Hour
Title: A Stitch In Time
Release: July 11th 2014
Format: CD / Digital

A Stitch In Time – the follow up to their debut single, was recorded and produced Robin van Loenen -front man of Destine, producer of the last album by The 101’s- and mastered by Jasper van den Broek, known for his recording and mastering jobs for The Lowest Standard, Call It Off and Wasted Bullet.

When asked about his influences when writing music, singer/guitarist Camille simply states “For me the biggest influence would be nature. Sounds weird but I get more inspired by a sunrise on a big open field with some pretty trees than any person or song. We all have a strong affinity with and grew up on punkrock music and many of it’s subgenres.”

The new EP -released on July 11th 2014 by White Russian Records- shows just that. Five songs that contain the beauty of a quiet sunrise in a wide open field filled with beautiful flowers and trees, but at the same time display a daring dark and energetic attitude.


1. Saint Dié
2. Hopes And Dreams
3. Crystal Fairy
4. Aurora
5. All The While