WRR036 – The Tourist – Love Will Find You


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Cat Nr: WRR036
Artist: The Tourist
Title: Love Will Find You
Release: March 3 2015
Format: LP

With a mix of melody and chaos Cologne’s The Tourist carved their very own niche in the fields of emo, indie and hardcore.
Founded in 2008, the band released three Extended Plays and one full-length record so far and played numerous shows and tours in different european countries.

With the completion of their second album, Love Will Find You, The Tourist dug itself even deeper into the soil they’ve been taken care off for such a long time already. Drawing inspiration from different personal favorite artists and bands, from Poison The Well to Glassjaw, Sunny Day Real Estate to On The Might Of Princess, from Hum to Aereogramme back to PJ Harvey and Leonard Cohen, they managed to create an independent, multifarious sound, heavy and abrasive, but sweet and beautiful at the same time.


01. – A Toast To
02. – Patience
03. – And We Were Given Languages
04. – Into Sleep
05. – End Of
06. – Track For
07. – Heaven
08. – To Give and to Keep
09. – Silver Express
10. – Specter
11. – Christian Mingle
12. – Stock Market Heroes