WRR039 – Screw Houston – Screw Houston


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Cat Nr: WRR039
Artist: Screw Houston
Title: S/T
Release: March 29th 2015

The album contains 10 tracks that can be classified as melodic yet heavy hardcore songs with a rock ’n roll twist. Guest vocals on the track “Save Your Breath” were done by Kris Deweerdt of The Setup (BE).

Previous releases include the 2013 “A Gentleman Will Never Tell” (7”) and 2011’s “When Trumpets Fade” (CD). Those releases were done under the name Screw Houston, Start Screaming!, a name a bit lofty, and a bit long. People started using abbreviation SHSS right away, as well as more simplified versions of the name. So with this new record comes a new and shorter name: Screw Houston. No more Start Screaming. No more exclamation mark. Just Screw Houston, plain and simple. A courageous decision, accompanied by an album that’s the hardcore equivalent of that.

01. Forbidden Love
02. Chase The Light
03. The System
04. Stained
05. Save Your Breath
06. Wait Upon Death
07. Hate | Love
08. Lights, Camera, Action!
09. Heart And Soul
10. Together Forever