WRR044 – Sundays – Wørds


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Cat Nr: WRR044
Artist: Sundays
Title: Wørds
Release: October 17th 2015
Format: CD/10″/DIGITAL

Debut EP by Belgian’s melodic hardcore band Sundays.

Words are not just words. The ideas behind the words are mostly linked to things affected by those words. On the album’s back image, the reflection of the tree in the water reflects that. The tree in the water is in red, which refers to the suffering and pain that some people undergo by those words or the ideas behind the words.

The picture is taken in the fall which is a period when people might feel the urge to be isolated and might have some mental and/or physical melancholy. Sundays’ lyrics are about those deeper ideas, worlds, realities.

Words are not a total reality, it is always a reality of one person.


01 Power Of One
02 Who We Were, What We Did
03 Still Raging
04 Recovery
05 Turning Point
06 My Flag, My Song
07 Soul Searching