WRR058 – Video Store – Demo

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Cat Nr: WRR058
Artist: Video Store
Title: Demo
Release:  May 21st 2016
Format: Tape / Digital

Ex Face Tomorrow, ex Modern Life is War, ex Razor Crusade, ex Malkovich, ex Gold, ex Kill Traitors, ex Sepiroth and current Backfire, Winterdagen, Halfway Station and Joshua Woods members. That’s a whole lot of musical output for a new band right? So what do you get when you put them all together in a room? Good old fashioned punk rock rooted in the love for the Chapel Hill scene at the end of the eighties. Some references? Think Superchunk, Archers of Loaf, everything Bob Mould has ever done, throw in some Replacements and top it off with some good old mid nineties midwestern emo.

01. Another State Of Mind
02. Cop Jokes
03. Coleridge
04. Second Ellis