WRR081 – Dead Giveaway – Safety Off

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Cat Nr: WRR081
Artist: Dead Giveaway
Title: Safety Off
Release: March 23 2018

Featuring current and former members of “Of No Avail”, “Close Second”, “Antillectual” and “Midnight Menace”, these guys have been around long enough to know what keeps their hearts beating: straight forward, catchy, melodic punk rock with a grungy edge, firmly rooted in the 1990’s. Sometimes even “very close to energetic stadium rock” (swnk.org).

The follow up to 2015’s “We Come In Pieces” is finally here. Mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacobs (Textures) this album shows the band at its best.

01. Hit And Run
02. School’s Out
03. These Go To 12
04. 95%
05. This Aggression Will Not Stand
06. The Deep End
07. Safety Off
08. Something You Never Did
09. Making Waves
10. Morse Code
11. Drinks On Me
12. Halden