WRR086 – Switch Bones – And In Darkness I Found

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Cat Nr: WRR086
Artist: Switch Bones
Title: And In Darkness I Found
Release: Sptember 28 2018

Ever since getting together in 2016, songwriter Erik van Haaren, drummer Geert Teekens and bassist Paul Viets have been turning heads. Not only when they debuted their first musicvideo “My Dress” on Never Mind The Hype; which showed singer/guitarist Erik in a tight little dress.
Herman Hofman, dj at Dutch national radiostation 3FM couldn’t have said it better:

“It’s banging and blowing, but the hooks, vocal harmonies and guitar sound always stay breezy, which I think is really well done. Switch Bones sogs and viles in a dark cave, but eats a fresh salad afterwards, because that’s healthier.“

The band got selected for this season’s Popronde – the largest free travelling music festival in The Netherlands, and played memorable shows adding to their live reputation at clubs like Bibelot (Dordrecht), Mezz (Breda), Paard (The Hague) and at the large festival “Zwarte Cross“.When asked about the new record, Erik van Haaren explains; “Musically it goes from Bad Religion to the Beatles, from Nirvana to Neurosis and from Pink Floyd to Nine Inch Nails; music with a 90’s vibe but a 2018 state of mind and viewpoint. “And In Darkness I Found” is basically a break up record. Changing the live you have and letting go of the life you had; finding your way through some serious shit. The songs are very personal but I think it’s also very relatable. You know; sex, love, drugs, alcohol, assholes, being the asshole, rock and roll, falling in and out of love, falling down and getting up. All the jolly stuff!”.


01. And In Darkness I Found
02. Do What You Did
03. Scott Lost It
04. Touched
05. Sunday Morning
06. So Messed Up
07. Murder
08. Tell A Phone
09. Hope
10. Pleased to Please
11. Pussy Grabber
12. Beyond
13. Games
14. My True Love