Five Years Later

fiveyearslaterLesley Vos – Vocals
Robin van Loenen – Guitar / Vocals
Arthur van Vliet – Guitar / Vocals
Dirkjan van Oord – Bass / Vocalsvocals
Bart Govers – Drums

Five Years Later returns! And after ten years of silence, its poppunk from the golden days still bursts with melody. New Found Glory, No Use for a Name and Undeclinable still serve as inspiration for these five friends from Amersfoort, who after leaving the nest always know how to find their way back home.

After conquering the world with bands like Destine, Daredevils, Diesel Disko and Ego Dreams, the members of Five Years Later decided in 2016 to retreat to a secluded villa in Luxemburg and start writing new music. Without any preparation, but bursting with energy, the band wrote five new tracks, and recorded them immediately under supervision of guitarist/producer Robin van Loenen.

The result is Beaufort. An EP that sounds exactly like Five Years Later, ten years later: pop at breakneck speeds, vocal harmonies that could melt steel, and a heart that’s been broken too many times as the blueprint for every song.

Beaufort releases fifteen years after Five Years Later started their journey. To celebrate the release and anniversary, the band takes the stage once more on January 6th at Fluor, Amersfoort. And those who were with us from the start will know: a Five Years Later-show is much more than just those choruses that simply will not leave your head. Join the party!


White Russian Releases
2016 – Beaufort – Album page – Digital

Other Releases
2003 – When It Comes To Patience (Stuck In A Day Records)
2005 – Good Intentions (Stuck In A Day Records)