Meet The Storm

meetthestorm4Matthias Szijj (vocals)
Jochanan Veerbeek (guitar / backing vocals)
Serge Lichtveld (guitar / backing vocals)
Nick Bek (bass / backing vocals)
Asmidin Visser (drums)

Meet The Storm is an energetic force hailing from the streets of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Since 2007, Meet The Storm has been fueled by passion, blending their Punk roots with Southern riffs into a mixture of dirty Rock ‘n’ Roll. Their Hardcore ethic and DIY approach has led the band to the point of where they are today, releasing their debut full length album “to what end….”

The band formed in 2007 with singer Matt Szijj and guitarist Joe Veerbeek; who are both former members of Rotterdam Post-Hardcore band A Fire Rising. After a few switches, the band found its current line-up with Serge Lichtveld on second guitar, Nick Bek on bass, and Ash Visser on drums. In 2008 the quintet was ready to hit the studio to record their first EP. Putting thoughts into words, feelings into melodies, and emotion into performance; playing songs from the heart has always been the sole purpose of Meet The Storm. Their enthusiasm and perseverance has led them on countless tours throughout Europe, sharing the stage with Cancer Bats, We Are The Ocean, Rise & Fall and many other great bands.

In 2012, Meet The Storm recorded 10 tracks in an attempt to capture their raw energy on tape. Producer John Mitchell (Architects, Your Demise & The Blackout) at Outhouse Studios delivered a great result, translating Meet The Storm’s vigorous sound into high-powered recordings. Their highly anticipated debut album“to what end…” came out on May 25th 2013 on White Russian Records.

White Russian Releases

2013 – to what end… – Album page – Buy CD

Other Releases
2010 – Sailing On A Broken Compass (Self released)
2009 – Meet The Storm (Self released)



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