Said and Done

SaidDonePim – Vocals
Stef – Guitar
Goran – Guitar
Emiel – Bass
Joost – Drums

Forget about the overdone, hyperbolic, namedropping third person biography for a second, let’s keep it short and tell it like it is. In the end the music should speak for itself.

2014: A new lineup, a new record, time flies. Things have changed for sure. We used to have a short version of our biography that simply said hardcore. No idea if that still applies, purists will probably disagree. We’re still hardcore punk kids at heart, but our influences are way broader than that. Always have been. Check our record collections and you’ll find as much Bad Brains as Nirvana in there. Raw and melodic but above all, it has to be real.

The last 2 years have been spent writing & recording “Better Days” ourselves. Going back to where it all began for us for inspiration, the music we grew up on in the 90’s. It’s as much progress as it’s regress. It’s been an interesting ride since 2006, and we’re far from done yet. It’s time to get in the van and hit the road again. We’re back, full speed ahead.

White Russian Releases
2014 – Better Days – Album Page – Buy LP

Other Releases
2007 – Everyday – CD/LP – Shield Recordings
2008 – Endless Roads – 7″/MCD – Shield Recordings
2010 – Weight Of The World 7″ – Carry The Weight Records
2009 – Feel It – 7″/Tape – My Fist, Your Face Records / Pressure Release Records