Smash The Statues

(C) Daantje Bons

(C) Daantje Bons

Tom – Vocals / Guitars
Matthias – Guitars / Vocals
Nico – Bass / Vocals
Bert – Drums

Smash The Statues, started early 2003, quickly released a 4 track EP and started doing what they do best; play live. Influenced by bands as Propagandhi, Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere and I-Spy, their melodic hardcore punk, dealing with topics of social change, the band recorded their first full-length “Against The Stream” with Nico van Montfort, who would later join the band as a permanent bass-player. 
“Against The Stream” was released by Angry Youth Records, and met with positive reviews in magazines and ezines worldwide, and gave the band the opportunity to support genre defining bands like Strike Anywhere, Strung Out, Beatsteaks and Modern Life Is War. Smash The Statues started expanding their territory, and did various tours throughout Europe, hitting Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Austria and Slovenia.

In 2008 the studio was booked once again, with Nico van Montfort, to record “When Fear Is All Around Us”. The second full-length got released the end of that year on Shield Records on both CD and vinyl. Met once again with positive reviews worldwide, the band continued touring extensively. Multiple tours led them to new territories as Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, and shows with Propagandhi and Venerea followed.

After the busiest year in their career, 2009, the band decided input and ambitions were not on the same level anymore, and decided to break up. A final show took place at De Onderbroek in Nijmegen, which was more than sold out.

Exactly three years later it turned out the flame was still burning, and the band reunited. Eager to hit stages again as Smash The Statues the band performed different shows with throughout 2013, and started writing new material.
Four tracks were recorded by -who else- Nico van Montfort – and were released as “Rise To The Occasion” on May 1st 2014 by a cooperation of labels (White Russian Records / Funtime Records / No Panic Records / Laserlife Records). A portion of the proceeds from the 10” (single sided, with an etched b-side) will be donated to Stichting Gast, showing the band not only still has their trademark sound, but also hasn’t lost their ethics.

White Russian Releases
2006 – Against The Stream [Digital Version]- Album Page
2014 – Rise To The Occasion – Album Page – Buy 10″


Other Releases
2003 – Smash The Statues – EP – Self-Released
2006 – Against The Stream – CD – Angry Youth Records
2008 – When Fear Is All Around Us – CD/LP – Shield Recordings
2012 – Salad Days – Digital Self-Released
2014 – Venerea/Smash The Statues – Split


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