States And Empires

NS8-1Neil Starr – Guitar / Vocals
Will Davies – Bass Guitar
… – Drums

Many were sad to see Welsh band Attack! Attack! split in early 2013, but Neil Starr and Will Davies wasted no time in forming States and Empires with Evita drummer Johno Fisher.

The band locked themselves in a rehearsal room in Taffs Well in South Wales until they had an albums worth of material. The follow up to their 4 track EP, “Giants”, which was released to critical acclaim, was recorded partly in Cardiff and partly in Florida with producer Stuart Richardson (ex Lostprophets , now No Devotion). Named “Freedom” as a reflection to the current feeling of the band. The musicians feel they can do what they want as they’re not tied down to any managements, booking agents or exclusive record label.

The recordings were funded by the band themselves, the CD/LP was financed by a successful kickstarter campaign. States and Empires then teamed up with Rock Ridge Music and White Russian Records to help them give the album the release a great heavy rock record deserves.

Influenced by early 90s grunge, States and Empires manage to seamlessly blend instantly memorable, melodic hooks with pummelling drums and massive guitar riffs that have the capacity to pack as much of a punch in an arena as they do in a club. It’s incredible to think that three people can create such a powerful sound.
The band’s blistering live performances have already created a huge buzz across mainland Europe with the band racking up over 50 live gigs by early 2014, including 2 sold-out tours with Californian pop-punks Zebrahead. Their German fanbase in particular is gaining momentum and has earned them a place on John Coffey’s tour at the end of April. The band precede this with a handful of UK headline shows.

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Other Releases
2013 – Giants (MCD)
2013 – Say Anything (Single)
2013 – Revolutions (Single)