Clayface – Ailments – LP

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Fast, energetic and pissed off yet laden with a healthy pop sensibility and infectious hooks, ‘AILMENTS’ sees Clayface at the top of their game.

If you dig bands like Dopamines, Leatherface , Strike Anywhere, None More Black and Dillinger Four than this is for you!
Limited to 100 pieces.

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Formed as teenagers in 2012, Clayface set out to do nothing more than kill some time hammering chords in a parent’s basement. Ten years on, the Oldham boys are finally set to release their long awaited debut album. After a decade of honing their sound, ‘AILMENTS’ is their most refined, honest and uncompromising effort to date. Blending early skate punk influences with gruff, shout along melodies and a hint of hardcore purism, Clayface touch on themes of alienation, self loathing and the frustration of modern day life.

Track listing:
Side A
01. … With A Side Of Apathy
02. Here’s To Not Knowing
03. Call Your Number
04. Big Things Happen At Greenfield Skatepark
05. Bite The Bullet
06. Turkey’s Don’t Vote For Christmas

Side B
01. Hole In The Chest
02. S.T.S.
03. Borrowed Time
04. Don’t Tell Me It’s Too Late
05. Marigold
06. Last Exit
07. Employee Of The Year

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