Dead Giveaway – We Come In Pieces – 12″

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The album, packed in a remarkable fluorescent green cover, designed by guitarist Roy Terhorst, contains eleven tracks that appeal to fans of Bob Mould, Foo Fighters, Samiam, Pulley and Face to Face.   Comes with a lyric book so you can sing along!

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“Dead Giveaway. My neighbour’s got big testicles ’cause I play this record every day. Every day. Well, almost every day. I have known most of the Dead Giveaway boys for years, so I might not be the most objetive person to say something about them, but We Come In Pieces is by far one of the best Dutch punkrock records of the last 10 years. The mixture between Face To Facesque melodic punkrock and Foo Fighteresque rockanthems and the AC/DC riff at the beginning of the song Collateral seriously kicks ass. Their first album is probably my most played album of 2015. I’m really, really looking forward to their next efforts!”


Tom Nieuwenhuis – Singer/Guitarist Smash The Statues



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