Lotus/ Ship Of Fools – Split – 12″


Lotus: Stuck between a myriad of responsibilities on the one hand and a complete cultural standstill on the other, LOTUS dove into the studio in-between covid lockdowns to do away with a stifling period of creative nothingness

Ship Of Fools: Side B of this record features Ship Of Fools, a brand-new musical endeavour by Martijn (Angstgegner, Otis, Schelles) and Joep (Pressure Pact, Bare Hands, The Cosmosians, Demarcation Line) that started out as a 2-man project in 2019, but has grown into a full band in 2022.

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LOTUS side:
01. Saltless Barrel
02. Ourboros II: One Life, One Weight
03. Vlaamderen Ontdooid, België Voltooid
04. Welt
05. You and the Rest of ’em

01. Complacency
02. Asleep at the Wheel
03. Slave Away
04. Sick
05. Quicksand
06. Subjugation
07. Gone Tomorrow

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