Rotzak – Step Back Gushing Eggheads – 12″


Rotzak (Dutch for Dirtbag) rams it down your throat with fierce, melodic hardcore rock ’n roll. The four-piece band from Diest (Belgium) rages through six decades of rock ‘n roll history, absorbing it like a sponge and spitting it out, snarling, writhing in agony and joy at the same time.

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1. All Icarus
2. The Big Leap
3. Wrong Side of the Evening
4. A Machine so Vulnerable
5. Just Got Real
6. Drifting in Empty Parking Lots
7. Sassy Frais
8. The Wicked & The Bold (feat. Maarten Albrechts)
9. Time Bomb
10. All We Are
11. Passenger Refund Denied
12. Misery Tree

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