St. Plaster – S/T – CD


Adrian (Call It Off) and producer Tim van Doorn (Big Dog Recordings) teamed up to write a 90’s punkrock record. And oh my, did they succeed!

This is a co-release with our pals at Bearded Punk Records. Check their store if you’re from Belgium to save on some shipping!


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St. Plaster is a new punk rock project founded by Adrian Delange (Call It Off) and Tim van Doorn (Big Dog Recordings) who both felt the need to make some old-school 90s punk rock again. They started writing a handful of songs and recorded a self-titled debut. 13 songs, 27 minutes. The record is loud, fast and bratty; mimicking the likes of No Use For A Name, early Green Day, Rancid and Bad Religion.

A one of pressing on CD and LP (limited to 100 pcs), and a select few shows and then the band will call its quits again. Get on it while they’re hot!
This is a co-release with our friends at Bearded Punk Records. Belgian customers can order from them and save on shipping! Go here!

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