Thousand Oaks – Monsters Begetting Monsters – CD


Great full length debut album from the band formerly known as Jet Market.
Italian skatepunk at its best!

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Cat Nr: WRR047
Artist: Thousand Oaks
Title: Monsters Begetting Monsters
Release:  January 25th 2016
Format: CD

Thousand Oaks are a four piece skatepunk band from Rome, Italy. They started playing in 2015 but have a 14 years long history of playing together in another band called Jet Market. The band is about to release a new album which will be released/distributed in Europe, Usa and Japan. A Japan tour is scheduled for february 2016.

01. Dim Firmament
02. Sow The Wind
03. Reap The Whirlwind
04. Baptistina
05. Being The Chain Breaker
06. Yard Time
07. I Know Now Why You Cry
08. Life Eats Life
09. You Can’t Fight Fate
10. Poison Coated Empty Jar
11. Homecomings
12. Dredged Up Resemblance
13. Monsters Begetting Monsters
14. Nowhere To Hide 03:21


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