Charades – Floating – CD


Charades is back with another stunning EP!
An emo grunge banger that is lathered in scuzzy guitars and echoed vocals, intricately bridging the gap between teenage angst and reckless abandon in a way only they know how. Floating sounds like the result of an intense love making session between Basement and Speedy Ortiz on steroids, and the result is nothing short of brazen and exciting.

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Floating is the result of an intense writing, rewriting and recording process that started in the winter of 2017 and lasted til the last days of 2018.  During this period the band not only experienced an immense personal growth, they also saw an impressive development in their sound. The writing and recording sessions for Floating were all about being intuitive, being true to the feeling and making the songs sound sincere.

As a result, Floating turned out to be a really intimate and personal record. Aware of the vulnerability that comes with putting yourself out there, opening up to others and letting someone in. Floating is a collection of stories that tell you about these beautiful, sometimes frustrating, moments and the responsibilities that come with it. Takin a leap of faith and trying your very best to make it work.

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