Captain Kaiser – The Drovers Inn – 12″


Limited edition pink vinyl (limited to 150 pieces) – brought to you in co-operation with the lovely people at Bearded Punk Records!
Heartfelt punkrock that makes you wanna put your arms around your friends, raise your glass and sing along to the anthemic songs.
On their second full length they sound like you’re used to, but better, tighter and even more killer.

You might have heard Captain Kaiser before, they wrote the opening tune for “De Ochtend Suckt”, a radioshow at Belgium’s Studio Brussel.
There also might have been some dancing involved already; in 2020 they released the killer singles “Moscow Mule”, “Hotel Room” and “Rocket Science”. All featured on this slab of pink wax!
This is one you might wanna add to your collection.



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[bandcamp album=2879487618 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande transparent=true]
01. Moscow Mule
02. Taste My Ink
03. Hotel Room
04. Rocket Science
05. Post Gig Depression
06. Hindsight
07. Single Malt
08. Afraid
09. Time Heals, Yeah Right!
10. Night Time Hikes

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Weight 500 g